One wish for the new graduates' career paths

Aside from the obvious (employment), my wish for new grads is that they look at career paths as long-term investments in themselves. 21st century career paths will be rocky and full of twists, turns, and detours down unpredictable highways. They are equally bound to be full of opportunity, because the twists will be powered by new technologies and motivated by the need to solve new problems.

Long investment in YOU:   If you know the difference between the tool (technology) and the knowledge, you will never stop learning.  In addition to the connecting and personal branding tools (smart phones, webcams,websites, blogging email, twitter, etc.), you need to work out a system that keeps you connected to useful knowledge.

Why? Unless your goal is to be a Professional Blazing Techno Wiz, it isn't enough to have a briefcase full of gadgets.  Your clients will want solutions to their problems, and they will come from what you continue to learn.  Therein lies the investment and the challenge.

Things change at lightspeed, and you need to keep up. In additional to personal networking with actual live people and through social networks, you probably have a virtual forrest of information streams coming at you. Your daily challenge is to manage information overload.  Choose wisely; evaluate your feeds frequently.  Delete what you don't read regularly.

Learn something new every day.

Good luck!