Career strategies from 1999: aged like fine wine, not old cheese

When I worked at the University of Minnesota Law School Career & Professional Development Center, the office handbook was called The GreenBook because I'd gotten a great deal on green plastic binders the first time it was published. It ran to 300 pages in its final edition, and I still have one original, uncut version.

Here is some strategic advice from a CEO that is as good today as it was in 1999:

In a Wall Street Journal column titled "Future MBA Grads: Do as I say, Not as I did,"  the chair of Warner-Lambert offered some strategies to future MBA's which are applicable to future lawyers, regardless of the practice area (public, private, public interest, etc.) you are considering: 

  1. Define your core competency; 
  2. Find organizations where ideas are valued; 
  3. Try to spot [employers] on the upswing; 
  4. Think globally; 
  5. Look for [employers] that value diversity; 
  6. Consider learning opportunities; 
  7. Look for family-friendly organizations; 
  8. Finally, don't look back. 


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