Dangerous High Heeled Interview Shoes

The business of law is deeply conservative, and dangerously high heels may bring a swift ending to an otherwise productive interview.

I applaud Lauren Rosa's recent lawyerist.com post, where she makes a very good case for the five shoes that every woman should want to own. Among her recommendations is a classic, closed-toe 3.5" heel stiletto.

7 inch heels and an interview suit?
From recent conversations with law school career services professionals and some observations of my own, it is time to remind some law students that 7-inch heels have no place with an interview suit.

Two reasons to avoid the maximum high heel in interviews and at work:

7-inch heels distracting?
Super-high heels can be distracting and scary to interviewers. Instead of your candidacy, the interviewer might be focused on "How does she walk in those?" or "What if she falls on me? Is that a Workers Comp injury?"

Interviewers know their culture
Interviewers know what will work at their offices, and they make cuts based on what they see. Many (not all, of course) legal employers are conservative, focused on their clients' needs, and not fashion-forward. Conservative dress doesn't include life-threatening high heels; clients may not be too keen on lawyers whose work-life-balance appears to be about standing upright; and managers, partners, associates and staff may cringe at the notion of stratospheric heels in court. What would the judge or jury think? How distracted would they be from our client's message?

Bottom line: Love them? Buy them. Don't wear them to interviews.


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